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2nd Annual Hispanic Business Summit Draws Natural Gas Industry

This week, Energy in Depth – Ohio attended the 2nd annual Ohio Hispanic Business Summit, sponsored in part by the Ohio Energy Resource Alliance (OERA). As a member of the OERA, we recognize the importance of reaching out to various community groups across Ohio to engage in a fact based conversation about Utica shale development. The Ohio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s event provided just that opportunity.

Designed as an educational forum to connect business professionals to the various industries with operations in the State of Ohio, the summit activated business leaders, entrepreneurs and owners to learn from professionals as they present current trends and information in a variety of areas. The day provided a great opportunity for members and non-members to network, share ideas and skills, and allowed folks from various industries in Ohio – including the oil and natural gas industry- to explain what their needs for the many service companies in attendance at the summit.

Since there is no greater economic-revitalizing engine in the Buckeye state than the Utica Shale, it was a great opportunity for Energy in Depth and our energy partners in the state t0 be able answer questions and provide information about the workforce development and training programs that are available – an endevour that fits the mold of the Chamber’s mission:

As a business advocacy organization representing the Hispanic chambers in Ohio, the Ohio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is committed to foster economic growth and are an integral and vibrant part of the economic engine revitalizing our greater state of Ohio. (8/23/12)

Thankfully – one of Ohio’s best was on hand to discuss how the industry can and will continue to work to return the state to prosperity. Listen to Rhonda Reda from the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program below as she explains the jobs that are needed to serve the oil and  natural gas industry:


We have been in so many communities across the state, working with the schools, putting on the business to business development and that is really where it starts.  – Rhonda Reda, OOGEEP

A central goal of the Hispanic Chambers is to connect their membership to people, resources and information to support growth and prosperity. It’ a goal shared by Energy in Depth – Ohio, and Ohio’s oil and natural gas industry.

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