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65 Years and Still Producing

Happy Anniversary OOGA!

Last week EID Ohio joined the Ohio Oil and Gas Association in Columbus at their winter meeting. The association was celebrating 65 years as Ohio’s  natural gas and crude oil industry association in the Buckeye State.

This year’s attendance was staggering reaching over 1,500 compared, to 700 last year.  Just another example of what developing the Utica shale is doing for Ohio. During the meeting OOGA Executive Vice President Tom Stewart also announced that OOGA gained an additional 850 members within the last year.

During a busy week filled with business sessions, awards presentations and more, EID-Ohio spoke at the board of trustees meeting and as part of an outreach panel held on Friday.  The message we provided at the two events was the same, there exists in Ohio a small number of people who are organized, well funded and driven to disrupt, stop and protest the natural gas industry here in Ohio.

Protestors Break and Enter Create False Documents

On the first day of the meeting a small band of protesters snuck into the hotel using a side door and proceeded to wonder around the trade show. Not a problem right? Guess again.  These uninvited guests were passing out flyers that were made to look like they were created by OOGA, by using the OOGA logo throughout the document.  Of course, the fake pamphlet was designed to appear as if it was a talking points document used by OOGA in discussions with policymakers, landowners and other stakeholders.  Of course it was not, this was easily noticeable as soon as one read the document.

In some places this is called fraud, of course based on this offering that seems to be just another day at the office for those seeking to block the responsible development of the Utica Shale.

One has the right to voice their opinion, and they are entitled to it, but you may not have your own facts. So go ahead and protest development outside, you will be in the overwhelming minority but you have the right. But that is not what happened here. They came into the hotel and deliberately distributed false information in an attempt to tear down an industry that is providing tens of thousands of jobs for Ohioans that otherwise would not be available.

This is not a debate for these folks; this is not a difference of opinion among adults, this is a blatant disregard for the truth and a willingness to distort any facts to attempt to further their cause and message. Of course this type of behavior is not new to the anti natural gas development crowd- indeed misrepresentation of the facts is the only message they seem to know.

These protestors were promptly escorted out of the hotel and off the property. They probably, just jumped in their car, that was filled with a petroleum product, and headed home.

Conference Continues By Focusing on Successes of Utica Shale Development

On the second day of the meeting EID joined others in  a break out session where the topic of the day was  updated state regulations as well as presentations from the leadership of the Ohio Senate about upcoming legislation that would impact the industry.

The second day ended with a reception where large and small local producers and engineering firms relayed excitement about  creating jobs for Ohioans throughout the state.

All in all this was a great week for the E&P industry in Ohio. EID-Ohio was able to connect with some old friends and meet some new ones. Everyone is working towards the same goals here in Ohio cheap, home grown, reliable energy that puts Ohioans back to work.

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