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A Call to Action – Truthland Comes to Columbus: Sat., June 16

Dear Friends,

We hope you and your family will join us on Saturday, June 16th at 12:00p.m. at COSI for a day celebrating Ohio’s resources and the Ohio premiere of the new film, Truthland. The premiere comes at a pivotal time in the conversation here in Ohio on how best to develop our state’s abundant natural resources

As the title would suggest, Truthland is a response to the myths and distortions that play a leading role in the HBO documentary Gasland. But more than just setting the record straight via a new (for our industry) and compelling medium, what makes the film so interesting to watch is the star of the film herself: a mother and farmer from Pennsylvania named Shelly, who, shortly after watching “Gasland,” sets out on a cross-country tour in search of facts (including a stop here in Ohio) – meeting a number of colorful characters along the way (and also some pretty knowledgeable experts).

While it’s unfortunate that propaganda films such as Gasland have had such an impact on the public conversation, our efforts in separating fact from fiction remain imperative. As we convene with family and friends in Columbus to support an industry that is driving Ohio’s economic recovery, just down the road those who oppose oil and natural gas development will be gathering to promote the same distortion of fact that has clouded the truth about our state’s long and proud tradition of safe, responsible energy production.

We know it’s no small task to ask you to join us on this weekend, especially with Father’s Day that Sunday. But the star of the film herself – Shelly – will be joining us for the day’s proceedings, along with a panel of Ohio experts who will lay out the facts and science behind the development here in the state.  For this reason, we ask you to invite other friends and supporters for an afternoon of family fun (COSI passes provided to first 200 guests), good food and good cheer for a good cause –supporting the industry that supports Ohio and its economy.

As Josh Fox, Bill McKibben and the rest of their out-of-state buddies descend upon Columbus to advance their campaign of misinformation, we can stand together to ensure fact is separated from fiction, and the continued climb back to Ohio’s prosperous days continue.  We look forward to seeing you on June 16.

Please, join us in supporting Ohio’s future – join us to Support Ohio Shale.

Support Ohio Shale:
12:00 p.m. Saturday, June 16
Center of Science and Industry, Gallery III
333 W Broad St
Columbus, OH 43215
Lunch & COSI passes provided
Screening will begin at 1:00PM, with discussion panel to follow
For questions please contact EID Ohio Campaign Manager Mike Chadsey at

  • Greg Salerno
    Posted at 7:55 pm, June 12, 2012 Reply

    Thank you for supporting and promoting this film. I hope additional screenings are planned nationwide.

  • Mike
    Posted at 1:31 am, June 15, 2012 Reply

    Thanks for visiting our website and for your comment. Please visit for additional information about all of the screenings around the country.

  • Chris Heckman
    Posted at 12:18 pm, June 17, 2012 Reply

    I’m curious how the natural gas industry defines their actions as “safe” even as burning their product contributes to the carbon concentration in the atmosphere? A new International Energy Agency report is cause for concern (at least for the vast majority of Americans that believe global warming is real):

    Does “Truthland” discuss the issue of climate change, or inform viewers, for example, about how much burning 1 TW of natural gas adds to the ppm of the atmosphere? I hope it is truthful enough to admit that the laws of physics and chemistry are real, that the greenhouse effect is real, and that there are consequences to putting billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere from the ground. I look forward to seeing Truthland when it comes to Cincinnati.

    Oh, and about developing Ohio’s abundant natural resources – I totally agree. We should do everything possible to scale solar, wind and geo-thermal energy as much and as quickly as possible. It would produce energy that is more secure by being distributed, would create hundreds of thousands of jobs that can’t be outsourced, would not endanger or use water sources, or create earthquakes! And we wouldn’t have to put a weird smell into it to warn us of dangerous leaks – bonus! … and one more best of all… these energy sources don’t add to the carbon concentration of the atmosphere to levels not seen in millions of years.

    “Truthland.” Who funded this propaganda-free movie might I ask?

    • Mike
      Posted at 2:42 am, June 20, 2012 Reply

      Mr. Heckman,
      Thanks for visiting Energy in Depth. Have you seen Truthland? If not, visit to watch the full length movie. Truthland does not discuss the topic of climate change. The movie The Changing Climate of Global Warming does a great job covering the topic. The US EPA has said buring natural gas is cleaner than other fossil fuels. Please visit to check for your self. Energy in Depth is for an all the above energy policy. Any community that consumes energy should produce energy. Ohio has long history of producing crude oil and natural gas. The production of Truthland was underwritten by the natural gas industry, we say so clearly in the movie.

  • Dan
    Posted at 2:56 am, June 20, 2012 Reply

    Another thing to note, Chris – geothermal energy is also produced via the hydraulic fracturing process. Be mindful of that next time you are calling for a ban on a proven technology.

    Also, hydraulic fracturing does not pose a risk to water aquifers. I am sure you know this from the recent studies released on the subject by Univ. of Texas, Penn State and confirmed (repeatedly) by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

    Also, here’s some good news for you on America’s falling carbon-dioxide emissions from The Economist:

    The International Energy Agency has just released some data that green-minded fans of shale gas should appreciate. The organization’s latest figures show that America’s carbon-dioxide emissions from generating energy have fallen by 450m tonnes, more than in any other country over the past five years.

    This dramatic decline in carbon emissions is credited to – wait for it – the development and increasing use of clean-burning natural gas.

    Thanks to the shale-gas bonanza, America now finds itself almost accidentally among the rich nations that have seen their carbon-dioxide emissions from electricity generation fall in recent years.

    In fact, as John Hanger (Former Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection) has highlighted, thanks to the use of natural gas approximately 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide has been cut per year. Think about that – 1 billion tons per year.

    Please feel free to peruse this site for other useful facts on energy development.

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