A Congressional Hearing Will Shine a Light on Litigation Financing – Climate Litigation Could Be a Great Place to Start

This Wednesday, the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Accountability will hold a hearing to shine a light on the lack of oversight and ethics rules that allow billionaires to push political agendas through the civil justice system with little to no transparency.

For a case study of how shadowy nonprofits and foreign billionaires influence litigation, and policy, the Oversight committee should look no further than the climate litigation campaign.

For years, Energy In Depth has uncovered how the Rockefeller network, Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, American billionaire Michael Bloomberg, British billionaire Chris Hohn, and L.A. real estate executive Dan Emmett, collectively poured millions into the law firms, academics, and ENGOs executing the nationally-coordinated climate litigation campaign since its origin in 2017.

Read more at EID Climate here.

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