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So, That’s Why They Call Him “Chip” Northrup

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to again visit Bainbridge and Coventry, New York. These two quaint little towns are full of hard working Americans who want nothing more than to provide for their families and ensure their children can experience a future where they will not have to struggle to find work and pay their bills, as is so often the case today.

Unfortunately, these picturesque towns, and the residents who call them home, have been targeted by activist groups like NYRAD as part of their anti-gas agenda. This was abundantly clear last night when NYRAD appeared here in an attempt to block the Leatherstocking distribution pipeline.  The pipeline will bring affordable, clean burning natural gas to this hard working rural area of Chenango County so residents can heat their homes without dedicating an entire paycheck to the cause, but NYRAD is thinking about that.  The needs of Bainbridge/Coventry residents are irrelevant to their cause.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time residents of Bainbridge and Coventry have been forced to push back against the antics of NYRAD. Check out this earlier post – “Bainbridgers” Stop Anti’s at the bridge –  where 150 local residents attended a public forum outnumbering obstructionist protesters 6 to 1.

Like they have done time and time again, NYRAD uses any pulpit they can to push their job killing agenda. The scene this time was the Bainbridge High School Auditorium, where the group held an event to rally support for Wednesday’s hearing in Coventry. The anti’s would love to tell you they had 40-50 people overtake the school but the real count of anti’s was about 10–15 NYRAD devotees.  The rest were gas supporters or neutrals at best.

The keynote speaker for the anti’s was James Northrup.  Northrup, as you will see, does not like open forums to be, well, open to any questions except the ones that match his narrative.  It seems this guy has a real chip on his shoulder and I have to wonder if that’s not where he got his nickname.  But, before we get to that, here are a few other videos where Chip distorts the truth by declaring natural gas is a Ponzi Scheme, which we debunked in an earlier post .  He also goes on to advocate the Duke study as fact (also debunked) and misrepresents truck traffic associated with natural gas operations.

[myyoutubeplaylist DdqQXOfXKCw, mZ1K8Bg0Rr8, 0qperlP86Mc]

In the next set of clips, you will see Chip losing his cool when an audience member refutes his earlier statements.  Notice the contempt he exhibits toward Earl Colley — even making fun of his last name.  If you know Earl you realize what a futile battle that is.  He also clearly does not have an answer to a hard question posed by a local supporter in the second clip.  So he  jumps around the question, even though it is directly related to the pipeline which was the whole point of the event.  [myyoutubeplaylist BvogU9q2T7E, qQ0JoxnCnKE]

The next video is from Bill Huston; a well know activist and anti propagandist who uses his conections with public access TV to broadcast  fallacies about the gas industry. Notice again, although this meeting is supposed to be about pipelines, how quickly he dismisses the topic for something more controversial; fracking! He plays a YouTube video from the group PennEnvirometal which was debunked quite easily on our website two months ago. Click here for for the post Burden of Proof (Or “Where’s The Beef).


The final video corrects some of the misinformation spread during this meeting regarding the pipeline, public utility status and eminent domain. NYRAD purposefully uses the term eminent domain when discussing public utility status to lead people into believing they are one in the same which is untrue, but this was countered.  Finally, watch how quickly the NYRAD speakers, taking a page out of their keynote speaker’s playbook,  try to drown out the truth and change the subject.  Fortunately, the good citizens of Coventry and Bainbridge, who actually stand to benefit from this pipeline, continue to stand up for this project which will benefit their communities.



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