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If You Watch Only One Video this Month on the Marcellus Shale …

I just got done watching one of the best videos I’ve seen for educating citizens on the process and potential involved in developing the Mighty Marcellus. “Shale and America’s Future” is a 30 minute movie produced by the American Clean Skies Foundation (ACSF). ACSF is a non-profit organization that works toward lessening America’s dependence on foreign energy while maintaining a clean environment.

The film was released in November 2010, and according to the ACSF press release, was produced by Hillman & Carr, a Washington-D.C. based film that has won Emmys for other work. The senior writer was Larry Klein who has written shows for PBS and the Discovery Channel, and the director was Academy Award winner Jennifer Gruber.

“The film goes beyond other movies by showing the whole hydrofracking process, and what local citizens and state regulators are doing to limit potential environmental problems. It also puts local issues into context,” said Gregory C. Staple, ACSF’s CEO. “The film talks about why we are drilling for gas, jobs, energy independence, the climate. On the flipside, the film gives voice to those who feel we should refrain from drilling for natural gas because it may endanger drinking water supplies or spoil the landscape. There are plenty of opinions. But we want people to take a look at what’s happening for themselves and draw their own conclusions.” See the full press release here.

[myyoutubeplaylist u93ExpRh148, orSFFyyBd8E]

This movie has it all! It takes you onto a well site and shows you some of the processes, including hydraulic fracturing — the “Rosetta Stone” of onshore energy development in America today. It adds important insight and perspective to the situation in Dimock and has comments from local people on both sides of the argument from across the Northeast Marcellus region. You get to hear about how Bill Wilson from Bradford County and his landowner’s group secured $5,000 per acre as part of their lease agreements with industry — among the tops in the state. John Hanger from the PA Department of Environmental Protection sheds much light on some of the incidents that have occurred and how the state (and industry itself) is working to ensure safe, clean operations. And finally there is commentary from industry folks (such as Chesapeake) on various aspects of the process, as well as addressing concerns. I am not sure if there is anyone out there ACSF didn’t talk to!

If you have been looking for a movie that gives you the facts, this is the one to watch. I certainly learned a few things from it, and know that you will too. Watch the attached videos right here from our blog, and next time you see one of us out at an event, ask us for a copy of the DVD. Also be sure to visit the Shale and America’s Future’s website which offers additional commentary and information.

Thank you to ACSF for making (and making available) a video that presents all sides of such an important debate.

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