Activist Consulting Firm Covers Its Tracks on Wikipedia

A consulting firm with dark money ties to the climate litigation campaign has taken the unusual and blatant step of editing its Wikipedia page in order to scrub away criticism and block transparency of its finances.

Arabella Advisors bills itself as a consulting firm that helps clients “increase their philanthropic impact” but has come under come scrutiny in recent years for setting up “dark money” non-profits that go beyond the realm of charitable giving and into political activism that benefits Democratic candidates and left-leaning causes. Now it’s attempting to cover its tracks on the internet, as The Daily Beast reports:

“A network of progressive groups that’s seeded some of the most influential Democratic activist groups in the country is turning its attention and considerable resources to another task: sanitizing its Wikipedia page.

“Arabella Advisors, a philanthropic consulting firm, has enlisted a digital consultant to push for the deletion of portions of its Wikipedia page that the group deems biased or unreliable. It’s targeted excerpts on the page sourced to conservative news organizations and a leading good-government watchdog group, according to Wikipedia edit logs.”

Arabella Advisors has a set up a number of affiliated 501(c)(4) organizations, also known as “dark money” groups, which in turn have worked to seed dozens of left-leaning political groups. This type of set-up comes with distinct advantages, including not having to disclose donors, as The Daily Beast notes.

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