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Addicted to the Letter K

Cherie Messore
Director of Public Affairs — IOGA-NY

The letter “K”, which comes after the letter “J” in the modern English alphabet has found a new home in the anti-natural gas movement, after the letter “C.” Amazing how ancient history from the 5th Century has seemingly be rewritten in a few short years.

Allow us to explain.

Frack, Fracker, Fracking. Say it enough and you’ll get tongue-tied. Now ask yourself this question, where did the letter “K” come from? How did that errant “K” make its way into the industry lexicon? Is it a common assumption based on other English spellings, where “K” often follows the letter “C”, as in “lock,” “brick,” “flock” and “flack” (which makes for great Scrabble score, by the way)?

Is this a deliberate acktion, er, action, by some or just an oft-repeated slip that has become common?

So use the proper nomenclature and don’t give hydraulic fracturing short shrift. Your first grade grammar teacher would be proud of you.

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