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After Months of Silence, Boulder to Hold Rally With Activists to Announce Climate Lawsuit

After months of silence and delay, the City of Boulder appears finally ready to announce the filing of a climate-related lawsuit targeting “fossil fuel-producing corporations.” In fact, Boulder’s elected officials will host a rally today on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder with the national anti-fossil fuel organization they are partnering with to bring the suit. Of course, all the usual activist groups will be on hand to speak as well, including national activist groups like the Sierra Club, Earth Guardians and

Boulder is following the likes of New York City and a handful of municipalities in California in pursuing this climate litigation campaign. Up until now the same plaintiffs’ attorneys have been behind each of the cases, spearheaded by climate activist and attorney Matt Pawa.

But this time, the Boulder Daily Camera reports that the city was approached by EarthRights International (ERI) to pursue the litigation pro bono. We knew from the Daily Camera’s prior reporting that a D.C.-based firm had offered to bring forward the climate litigation, but this is the first time that group was named.

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