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Anti-Fracking Activists Shut Down Steyer/Gov. Wolf Center for American Progress Forum

This morning, the Center for American Progress teamed up with billionaire anti-fossil fuel activist Tom Steyer – and his group NextGen Climate – to hold a forum with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf on “leading the transition to clean energy.”

But the event didn’t go as long as expected because anti-fracking activists, spearheaded by the Center for Biological Diversity, were so disruptive that the moderator decided to end the event early.

As the Washington Examiner reported,

“A liberal think tank in Washington with close ties to the Obama administration got bum rushed by environmentalists Friday, forcing the president of the organization to swiftly wrap up a conference being held on climate change.

Ironically, the first words out of Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden’s mouth in response to the disturbance was ‘this is not the forum,’ even though on stage with her was billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer, two state governors who are pushing for strong climate policies and activists with other environmental groups.”

The protestors ended the event by chanting “climate leaders don’t frack.” The anti-fracking group, Food & Water Watch also chimed in on twitter with this message:

In fact, the Morning Call reports that most of the protesters weren’t from Pennsylvania at all, but were instead employees from the D.C. office of Food and Water Watch.

What’s especially interesting is that Tom Steyer, whose goal is to end fossil fuels and is on the board of the Center for American Progress, contributed nearly $1.5 million to Wolf’s 2014 gubernatorial campaign, and Wolf was one of only three Steyer-backed candidates who actually won their race.

Yet Wolf is the governor of one of the largest shale developing states in the union and he has claimed: “I absolutely want to do natural gas,” Wolf said. “I think if we do it right, we can create really good jobs and create industry and sustain our strong economy in Pennsylvania.”

Today’s outburst from anti-fracking activists shows the growing divide within the movement between pragmatists like Wolf and the activists who want to kill natural gas at any cost.

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