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Anti-fracking Groups Stage Tone Deaf “Die-in”

Tone deaf “Wrong Door” anti-fracking activist group East Boulder County United (EBCU) teamed up with the Boulder County Protectors (BCP) for a staged “Die-in” at the Boulder County Commissioners (BCC) meeting earlier this week. If you haven’t heard of a “Die-in” before, as strange is it seems – this is actually a common protest tactic used by “Keep It in the Ground” groups.

The Daily Caller is the first to break the story about the tone deaf anti-fracking groups’ untimely “Die-in” protest. EBCU proudly documents the ill-timed “Die-in” on Facebook:

“Your citizens are lying on the floor of this hearing room to show you first-hand, the death and destruction that is coming to Boulder County from fracking. We are staging a peaceful die-in to illustrate the lethality and the seriousness of what you are allowing to happen.”

The Daily Caller gives a reminder that these same anti-fracking activists are also responsible for the “Wrong Door” protest from last month at a house they thought was the residence of Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones:

“The group’s ill-timed demonstration comes on the heels of similarly awkward moments for the anti-fracking activists in Colorado. Members of the Boulder County Protectors (BCP), for instance, protested outside the home of a government official in September they believed to be a fossil fuel supporter, not realizing the official had long since moved to a different residence. BCP joined BCC during Tuesday’s die-in protest.”

Many of the protesters donned their “anti-fracking” hazmat suits, a wardrobe repeat from the infamous “Wrong Door” protest, while others held grave markers while sprawled out all across the floor of the BCC hearing room. The “faux Elise Jones” who made her debut at the “Wrong Door” protest in September, made an encore appearance as the opening act before the anti-fracking activists put on their “Die-in” performance inside of the BCC hearing space.

Source: East Boulder County United Facebook Page

Energy in Depth recently surfaced the growing schism occurring within the anti-fracking movement in Boulder; the once-praised Jones is now on the anti-fracking group’s political hit list. Even progressive outlets like Colorado Pols have taken note of the anti-fracking cannibalism happening in Boulder. Following the “Wrong Door” protest, Jones told the Times Call, “we all object to fracking,” and though she is on message, these anti-fracking groups continue to cast her out.

Source: East Boulder County United Facebook page

Following the “Die-in” protest, the anti-fracking groups highlighted some of the more grotesque details of their Tuesday night theatrics in a press release:

“In order to visually illustrate the lethal nature of fracking and to emphasize the critical nature of the immediate fracking crisis, community members staged a ‘die-in’ form of protest.  People simulated the deaths caused by fracking pollution and oil/gas explosions by lying on the hearing room floor with cardboard tombstones.  The tombstones were painted with anti-fracking messages including:  R.I.P. Open Space, Fracking Killed Me, Died so Oil + Gas Execs Could Get Rich, R.I.P. Clean Air, COGCC Killed Me, R.I.P. Clean Water, Here Lies Polluted Open Space,  Fracking Kills, Greedy Frackers Killed Me, etc.”

Source: East Boulder County United Facebook Page

Later, EBCU used an image of the protesters lying on the ground of the BCC meeting, holding up grave markers, to promote and solicit donations to their efforts with the caption,

“If you like what you’ve seen recently, please consider donating to our general fund.”

Source: East Boulder County United Facebook Page

This week’s tone deaf sideshow comes fresh off of the heels of last month’s “Wrong Door” protest, further adding to the anti-fracking groups’ repertoire in tasteless and embarrassing local theater.

  • Mike Schnell
    Posted at 1:10 pm, October 07, 2017 Reply

    I wonder what the haz mat suits were made from? How did they get to and from the protest, surely not in a gasoline burning car!
    How do they heat there homes in the dead of January?
    How do they get to work each day. What do they use for a heat source to cook on?
    The consumers create the demand and the oil and gas producers simply fill the demand. Who is the problem. If everyone would simply stop living we wouldn’t have a problem. But that’s not going to happen. We will all keep living, eating, breathing and consuming energy. We simply need energy in order to live. Let’s be realistic here. We need to produce energy in the least intrusive method possible. Fracking has worked for decades with little to no effects.

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