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Anti-Fracking Rally Cancelled Following Low Turnout

A national activist group – which used Tom Steyer’s Colorado political firm to lobby the state’s oil and gas task force – cancelled an anti-fracking rally today after just one person RSVPed. The decision to abandon the rally followed very low turnout at a protest yesterday outside the Colorado Convention Center, where the task force has been meeting the past two days.

At yesterday’s demonstration, there were more protest signs than there were protestors to hold them. Clean Water Action Colorado’s Facebook page for the rally mentions how the group “has turned out impacted and frustrated Coloradans for rallies at every task force meeting” and tells folks to “Come and See the impact we’ve made.”

CWA 3The Facebook page for yesterday’s rally. Image: Clean Water Action Colorado’s Facebook page

EID took them up on their offer and found that only a smattering few – no more than thirteen, including Clean Water Action Colorado employees – actually attended Monday’s rally outside the Colorado Convention Center.

20150202_103928The rally outside the task force meeting yesterday. Photo: Energy In Depth

SignsBecause only a handful of protestors showed up, protest signs remained propped up against lamp posts. Photo: Energy In Depth

Clean Water Action Colorado cancelled the second rally it had planned for today’s task force meeting after only one person – the group’s State Director – RSVPed yes for the event.

Cancelled rally 2The Facebook event page for the second anti-fracking rally that was cancelled following low turnout the day before. Image: Clean Water Action Colorado’s Facebook page

Poor attendance at yesterday’s rally and Clean Water Action Colorado’s decision to cancel today’s protest reflect, once again, that anti-energy activists are part of a fringe campaign that has failed to gain traction in Colorado.


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