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Anti-Marcellus Extremist Recommends Arson

Craig and Julie Saunter, the anti-gas celebrities from Dimock, who never miss an opportunity to prolong their 15 minutes of fame with additional wild claims, are at it yet again. They have just made another video asserting, for example, their water is polluted by runoff from drill site ponds, except there are no such ponds, that technology having been replaced by closed loop systems. You can watch it here, but don’t hold out much hope for credibility.

What is most revealing about this video, however, is not what’s said or depicted in it, but what’s said about it, by other anti-gas extremists, specifically someone named “DutchTimmie.” This guy, incredibly, recommends arson with the following comment on the video (posted at the YouTube site where the video is featured):

“Go burn their trucks at night. I’m done with this (expletive deleted).”

Nice attitude, isn’t it? DutchTimmie’s answer to those with whom he disagrees is violence – pure and simple. Unfortunately, we’re seeing more and more of it as a small but aggressive group of opposition folks deface signs with slurs and try to intimidate pro-gas landowners and businesses with personal insults and threats. A Cabot Oil & Gas building was recently torched, which may be still another case. DutchTimmie’s approach has been adopted by far too many on his side.  It demonstrates an astounding intolerance matched only by the self-righteousness of those who practice such techniques.

Who is DutchTimmie? Well, he very helpfully provides a link to his You Tube channel where he identifies himself as Timothy Drake and does a tribute to Queen (the music icon) and the song “Who Wants To Live Forever.” He appears to be from the Netherlands, famous for its “anything goes” culture, but surely that doesn’t include arson.

DutchTimmie - The Anti-Gas Extremist Who Recommends Torching Gas Company Trucks

DutchTimmie - Anti-Gasser Who Recommends Torching Gas Trucks

DutchTimmie is, simply put, one sick fellow. Nonetheless, his solution has clearly been adopted by some on the anti-gas side for one simple reason – they know they are losing as natural gas proves itself every day of the week, offering a clean and economical energy source to power the future and rebuild the economy of our region.  Some people just don’t take losing all that well.  They want to live forever because they’re, well, just so much smarter than the rest of us.

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