As Motorists Suffer from High Prices at the Pump, Biden Administration Pushes to Reinstate Illegal Drilling Ban

A controversial and illegal ban on oil and gas leasing for public lands should be reinstated, the Biden administration argued in federal court this week. The call for a new ban comes as gasoline prices have risen to a seven year high, adding to the economic pain American families are suffering amid rising inflation.

In June, a federal judge ruled that the Biden administration had illegally canceled lease sales for oil and gas on federal lands and waters, citing the “omission of any rational explanation” in imposing its ban. The ban was enacted within days of President Biden’s inauguration in January.

The call for a new ban on federal leasing comes as the administration is also facing criticism for its response to rising fuel prices.

Earlier this month, U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm dismissively laughed when a Bloomberg journalist asked her what the administration was doing to increase domestic production.

In August, the Biden administration infamously asked OPEC to expand output, a request that OPEC later rejected.

In addition to federal lands, the New York Times reported this week that the Biden administration is also planning to block drilling in a portion of New Mexico.

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