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Ashland County Landowner Never Looks Back

Ashland County is known for its flat land, fertile farm soil and being home to Johnny Appleseed for a small period of time. But this is not a story about what is above ground this is a story about what is below ground.

Allow me to introduce you to local Ashland dairy farmer Mr. David Eichelberger.

Mr. Eichelberger leased his acres to Devon Energy for oil and gas production. Mr. Eichelberger’s story is what you might expect to hear from a farmer in Ashland. He and his wife bought a small piece of property and started to work the land and raise dairy cattle and not to mention their 5 children. As the years past he also took over his parents land and later  his wife’s parents farm, managing their farming efforts as well.

I sat down with Mr. Eichelberger and asked him to share his story about working with Devon Energy and his neighbors, why he leased his land, and what he thinks of the process thus far.

“Devon Energy has treated us very well; I appreciate everything that they have done. So far they have been really good about doing the work on the site. Once they started drilling I was up at the site every day checking on the progress at the site and the guys from Devon have been really good and they said I could stop by anytime.”

“I was impressed by all of the measures they took to really protect the environment. There have been no issues with our water.”

Mr. Eichelberger shared that Devon has been real open about telling him about how the process works and what they are  doing. He says, “so far I have been really happy about how it is going.”

Stories like those of Mr. Eichelberger are happening every day all over the Buckeye State as individuals and families   lease their land for the development of their mineral rights. Some of them are joining landowner groups while others are making the venture on their own, either way Ohioans across the state are seeing the benefits of oil & gas development.

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