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Being Prepared: ShaleTec Takes Job Training to a New Level

ShaleTec is in the process of adding new natural gas related training equipment for a more hands-on experience to train current and potential employees and first responders.

I recently had the opportunity to tour ShaleTec‘s new Energy Technology Education Center, a collaboration with Pennsylvania College of Technology and the Lycoming County Department of Public Safety. This facility, and the many training programs available through it, is the result of the increased demand for natural gas related workers thanks to Marcellus Shale development in our region. Read on to find out all about the new facility and what it can mean for job searchers, employers and our local first responders.

I am a graduate of the program Fit for Natural Gas, for those of you who aren’t aware, one of the course’s which will benefit from the new facility. While our class nearly two years ago was great and we had hands-on training with the heavy equipment portion, it was nothing compared to what this facility can currently offer to students, employees and first responders.

Energy Technology Education Center is a collaboration between Pennsylvania College of Technology and Lycoming County Department of Public Safety and was made possible by significant investments by industry.

The training center supports local emergency responders by providing hands-on instruction that enables them to understand and implement effective emergency-response practices – the kind they may encounter at typical gas-field drilling and production sites.

In addition, the site is used for industry training and training of potential new hires and incumbent workers through classes that Penn College provides for gas and other industry occupations.

The site features:

  • Live fire props
    • wellhead
    • separator
    • house meter
    • flange
    • flammable liquids simulator
    • tank battery
  • Frac site display
  • Production site set-up
  • Miscellaneous static props

    Crews prepare for a confined space rescue at a well head. Image from ShaleTec

Here is Rex Moore explaining some of the equipment housed on the site and how it can be used in training maneuvers.

You Can Help – Here’s How

PCT is also working to develop a training rig simulator, which will be used to teach real life scenarios on a rig floor. This portion of the facility is still in the planning stages, but some of the materials that will be needed include (from the ShaleTec wishlist):

Training Rig

2 ea: Small Pipe Racks

14 joints of 4 ½ “ drill pipe*

1 joint 4 ½ “ heavy weight drill pipe

4 ½ ‘ drill slips*

Drill collar slips

Drill collar safety clamp

Drill collar Pup Sub – (approx.) 8-10 feet long

4 foot set of bails*

4 ½  set of elevators*

One piece master bushing –small*

Type A Tongs (small) w/hangers*

Chain driven Hydraulic pipe spinner (small)*

Wire rope Rotzler Winches*

2 ea: Rotzler Winches*

Old Choke manifold (with valves)

50 foot of 2” pipe

Spools (old)

2 ea: Pits (Worn out)

Various Subs, TIW Subs, Etc.

Old worn out mud pump with fluid intact

The facility is off to a great start with a lot to offer, but could still use a few more things before it’s capable of training for all of the scenarios and phases of natural gas development ShaleTec hopes to eventually offer.  So, if you have any of these items laying around the shop, you may wish to consider reaching out to the training center:

Production Trainer

Digital meter run*

Digital meters*

Pig Launcher*

Measurement tools (DVM, scope, laptop and simulation software)*

McElroy HDPE fusion machine

ETEC Hand Tools Needed:

2 ea 8 # sledge hammers

Hammer, Lineman’s double face 36 oz

2 ea Hammer, Ball Peen 32 oz w/ fiberglass handle

Chisel set flat (5 pc)

Tally tape (steel)

Screwdriver set (17 pc or equivalent)

Nut driver set (7 pc or equivalent)

Plier Set, 5 pc general purpose in pouch

1 set open ended wrench set

Socket set Impact flex ½ in drive. 10 pc metric

Socket set ¾ in drive professional

Aluminum torpedo level, rare earth magnet

2 pc set replaceable tip retaining ring plier

2 ea Grizzly Bar 55 ½ in long

Torque Wrench, click type ½ in (20-150 ft/lbs)

Impact wrench ½ in heavy duty

Hammer wrench (8 wrench set)

Bull Pin, Broad head, 13 x 1 ¼  top diameter

Drill, ¾ hp

Drill bit set (29 pc or equivalent)

Chain tongs, 27”

2 “ Pipe threader & cutter set (hand operator)

Polypropylene Rotary Pump (Transfer foam)

Whether you are trying to break into the natural gas industry as a new hire, are a training instructor for a company, or a volunteer for a local first responder group, there are a variety of training programs across the region for yourself or your workers. ShaleTec’s facility is quickly becoming one of the more hands-on opportunities for training in our region and is operating in tandem with many other programs in Pennsylvania and New York to help train a local workforce able to serve in any sector of the natural gas industry. Through programs such as this, we will continue to see a decline in unemployment rates and a more experienced local workforce in our region, continuing the positive impact of this industry on our communities as we move forward into 2013.

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