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Belmont College Announces New Energy Institute

Last week, at the St. Clairsville Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Belmont College announced the development of it’s new Energy Institute to help valley residents take full advantage of shale development opportunities coming to Belmont County.  The Institute will provide education, training, and preparation for employment in Ohio’s emergent energy industry.

The program focuses not only on high school graduates looking for a career in Ohio’s burgeoning oil and gas industry. but also trains displaced workers and provides a path to four-year degree programs.

The purpose of the Energy Institute is to offer an economical approach for an existing or displaced worker as well as high school graduates to prepare them for a career in the energy industry. Training may consist of job certifications, skill refreshers, industry specific certificates of completion, associate degrees, and/or transfer capabilities towards a four-year degree. –  Ed Mowrer, Operations Manager for Energy Programs at Belmont College

With projections of over 204,000 jobs created by the continued development of the Utica Shale  through 2015, Belmont College recognized the vast opportunities available for those in, out, or entering the workforce,  and updated their program to ensure its graduates could fill these jobs.  Their new energy institute focuses on welding and civil engineering programs as well as CDL and GIS certification.

With the oil and gas industry changing the outlook for our local economy, it is important that we provide relevant degrees and certificates in order to support industry workforce needs. – Dr. Joseph E. Bukowski, President, Belmont College.

had the opportunity to sit down with Ed Mowrer, Operations Manager for Energy Programs and Dr. Holly Bennett, Dean of Workforce & Economic Development to learn more about Belmont Colleges new Energy Institute.

Belmont College now joins Zane State, Eastern Gateway Community College, Youngstown State University and Stark State University for those interested in oil and gas programs. These programs go a long way to ensure Ohioans are in the best position to benefit from the  economic opportunities Utica Shale development is bringing, and will continue to bring in the coming years.

Thankfully, with institutions like these leading the charge. we will have a qualified workforce trained to take full advantage of these opportunities.

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