Biden Administration Backtracks: Throws In Support for Berkeley Gas Stove Ban

Following Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka, Jr.’s comments in January implying the CPSC is considering a ban on gas stoves, the White House was quick to clarify that “the president does not support banning gas stoves.”

But the Biden administration took a major stance in support of gas stove bans today. As Politico reports:

Biden backs Berkeley gas ban in court fight.

In fact, as Politico explains, the government is arguing that if Berkeley’s ban is overturned, it would impede the federal energy efficiency program:

“The Biden administration on Monday urged a federal court to reverse its April decision that struck down a ban on gas hookups in Berkeley, Calif., as a violation of federal energy efficiency law.

In a ‘friend of the court’ brief, officials from the Justice and Energy departments argued the ruling was erroneous and “throws a wrench” into the federal energy efficiency program.” (emphasis added)

As EID has previously discussed, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has been openly supporting gas stove bans throughout her tenure. From amplifying flawed research that uses questionable methodology to make far-reaching claims about the impacts of gas stoves to calling for “state and local officials to step up” in a discussion on electrification at the DOE’s National Energy Codes Conference, saying:

“You are the only ones who can adopt and implement smart and ambitious building codes.”

In December, Secretary Granholm announced a rule proposal to “put federal agencies on the path to eliminating gas heat.”

Bottom Line: While the Biden administration and media headlines have repeatedly claimed gas stoves and other appliances are not under threat from the federal government, today’s appeal proves the contrary.

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