Appalachian Basin

Born to Frack?

Cherie Messore
Director of Public Affairs — IOGA-NY

On Aug 25, 1975, Bruce Springsteen released his iconic third album Born to Run, his musical send-up to leaving New Jersey.

On Aug 25, 2011, two things happened: Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey called for a one-year ban on hydraulic fracturing in the Garden State and IOGA of New York released a preview of its “Fuel For Thought” video series destined for its own YouTube channel.

Planned? No, just ironic.

Where the album celebrated moving on, away from New Jersey, the ban disappointed environmentalists who wanted New Jersey to be the first state to legislate an out-right ban.  Some might say even a symbolic gesture sends a clear message that industry isn’t wanted here…so move on and away.

And here is IOGA of New York, using the power of social media to educate small screen watchers about economic benefit, environmental safety, commitment to stay in New York and employ a local workforce. You might call it Meeting Across the River.

Fuel For Thought features IOGA of New York executive director Brad Gill (yes, I call him The Boss), with our own version of the E Street Band including Dennis Holbrook and Steve Keyes from Norse Energy, John Conrad from Conrad Geoscience and Sharon Schlegel, a local landowner.  The :30 trailer introduces a series of brief, informational video segments and will be accompanied by the Fuel For Thought educational meetings IOGA of New York is hosting, beginning this fall. The first full segment will debut September 6.

If only I had gotten Clarence Clemens to lay down some tracks.


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