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Brooklyn Township Teamwork for a Marcellus Shale Future

Residents of Brooklyn Township have come together to start the Brooklyn Township Teamwork for Marcellus Future landowners coalition.  Following two initial meetings, the group is working with local operators to educate themselves on natural gas development.

Residents of Brooklyn Township have come together and formed the landowners coalition, Brooklyn Township Teamwork for Marcellus Future.  I got the idea to form this group after speaking with Heidi Mitchell at the Harford Fair.  She expressed to me how good it was to come together as a group and work towards getting questions answered and support each other.  After talking with Heidi, I contacted Cabot and I was put in touch with Energy in Depth where I worked with Joe Massaro to gather the necessary resources to form the group and get an initial meeting together.

Through my involvement with Farm Bureau I heard about Dimock Proud and my thought was that the natural gas companies are here in Brooklyn Township and they are here to stay.  So why not embrace this change and get a group together to get further educated on this development process?

As landowners with Marcellus Shale and natural gas development in our backyards, we need truthful information as quick as possible.  Forming this landowners group has helped us to do that.  Energy in Depth has been helpful in bringing the right people to our meetings so we have the opportunity to ask whatever questions we may have.

I called some local landowners who I knew for our initial meeting and was able to get a good turnout.  William DesRosiers attended the first meeting on behalf of Cabot and it was a general question and answer in regards to the process of hydraulic fracturing.  It was a rewarding experience to sit down with DesRosiers and get all of our questions directly from the information source closest to us.

Natural Gas Development

Temporary view of a rig

I am a local dairy farmer.  Recently, I had four wells drilled on my farm and am currently waiting for the wells to be brought online for production.  So far we have not had any problems with water quality or working with the gas company and its sub contractors.  They even brought one of my sons onto the rig and showed him everything that was going on.  Working with crews like this helps us to better understand whats going on in our backyard.

During the development of my wells, yes, there has been truck traffic and, yes, there was minimal noise up to this stage of development.  This is something that we, just like everyone else, expected and should expect.  This extraction process that has occurred in my backyard will help other Americans heat their homes at a cheaper price and provide much less expensive fuel for vehicles.  It is the cleanest burning fossil fuel we have and now it’s time to develop it.

For anyone in the Brooklyn Township area looking to get more involved, reach out to me, to Energy in Depth or the various gas companies with whom we’re involved.  We’ll all work with you to answer your questions and provide anything you need to get going.


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