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California Millionaire Behind This Week’s Extinction Rebellion Protests in Denver

Extinction Rebellion – one of Denver’s newest Keep It In the Ground groups – held a “Mass Day of Civil Disobedience” across the country today, including in Denver. EID was on the scene this morning, and saw firsthand that calling the event a “mass” gathering is a bit of an exaggeration.

In reality, as Extinction Rebellion’s own Facebook video shows, there were only a couple dozen protestors for the group’s morning round up. To be fair, it was a little chilly this morning, although the protesters were well prepared with products made from petroleum to warm them up.

The group also blocked traffic in Washington, D.C. this morning, to the annoyance of fellow environmental activists, with tactics that included lighting a dumpster on fire. The group is also planning a second protest in Denver during afternoon rush hour today.

This morning’s antics have received some attention from local news outlets like Colorado Public Radio, but this coverage barely scratches the surface on the group – that is known for extreme tactics like shutting down transportation, members supergluing themselves to the U.S. Capitol Building, and interrupting Denver City Council meetings – let alone its funding and motives. So, what CPR left out, EID provides.

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