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Call for Support from the JLC

I recently received this letter from the Joint Landowners Coalition (JLC) of New York asking for your support. Please consider attending the meeting tomorrow night. If you cannot make it, at least show your support by following us on Twitter during the event as EID Marcellus will continue to update all night.

Dear Coalition Leaders, Landowners, Union Leaders, Workers, Business Leaders, and Natural Gas Supporters Everywhere, here is the event that we need as many pro-gas supporters as possible to show up at:

Committee to Preserve the Finger Lakes, Coalition to Protect NY, Steuben County League of Women voters, and People for a Healthy Environment presents an anti-natural gas drilling forum

“Victims of Gas Drilling” with  4 Anti-Gas Speakers

7-9 PM Thursday, May 19th.

Corning West High School’s George O. Cowburn Theatre, Painted Post, NY

The forum will include the following speakers that many pro-gas supporters believe are spreading misinformation and fear mongering…

·        Dimick PA Residents Craig and Julie Sautner

·        Dimick PA Resident Victoria Switzer

·        Cornell Univeristy’s Professor Ingraffea

All four of these speakers have been rebutted for spreading misinformation and hysteria according to their personal agendas rather than the facts. The forum will be a strong effort to sway more of your uncommitted neighbors into the Anti-Gas side of the issue in an effort to convince state leaders not to develop natural gas in NY. We must take a stand now to stop them from growing!

We cannot allow them to spread such unfounded and exaggerated information about this issue without holding them accountable to the truth. Our own experts are already lined up to attend and refute the fear instilling lies. Pro-Gas supporters who attend will not have to speak unless they want to. Just being there to support our experts with our presence will be sufficient. Our facts and a large turnout of quiet supporters will be our best strategy. PLEASE ATTEND AND BRING A FRIEND!!!

Please distribute this invitation to all Pro-Gas Supporters and ask them to be there.

All who attend are reminded to be polite and civil. This is an anti-gas group sponsored event and we will be their “guests”. We do not want to “ruin” their event any more than we would want them to do so to one of ours. We only want to point out mis-information, fear mongering, and misleading statements in order to prevent them from being perpetuated.

Please make every effort to support a strong pro-gas showing at this event.


Dan Fitzsimmons, President

Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc.

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