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Cambridge Hosts Inaugural Energy Education Day

On Saturday, David R Hill Inc., the Ohio Oil and Gas Association (OOGA), Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP) and Energy In Depth hosted the inaugural Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Day in Cambridge, Ohio.  The event, held at the Elks Lodge in downtown Cambridge, featured trucks and equipment from over 10 local companies involved in oil and gas development.

Throughout the day, more than two hundred people attended the event, including several local, county and state officials who stopped by to show support, and to learn a little more about Ohio’s oil and natural gas development.

Each company brought out their equipment to help give the public a firsthand look at how we develop oil and gas in the state.  Companies like Buckeye Water Service, Devco, Nabor’s Well Services, Go-Frac, Crescent Services, Myer’s Well Services, Appalachian Well Surveys, Producers Service and many others brought such equipment like pump trucks, haulers, wireline trucks and blender trucks to help give attendees an in depth look at oil and gas development.


In addition to having the equipment on hand, OOGEEP’s table display and discussions brought to light our state’s rich history of oil and gas development, and served to help dispel some of the misinformation that have found their way into the conversation.


We had a great turnout today.  A lot of landowners with some very positive questions. We had a lot of folks here very interested in the different careers that are going to be available here not only in the Cambridge area but in the state of Ohio. We had a lot of educators wanting educational and science materials. And we also had a lot of people here who had heard a lot of misinformation, so it was really great to set them straight on the facts about how we explore, drill and produce natural gas here in Ohio.- Rhonda Reda, Executive Director, OOGEEP


For those unable to attend, the event hosted a live remote-feed from AVC Communication’s  KC 105, featuring representatives from OOGA, OOGEEP and Energy In Depth, as well as event organizer (and recent Sunday Shale Show guest) Dave Hill –  whose vision really made this event a success.

As we continue to see both development of the Utica Shale and it’s positive impacts continue to expand, events like these that will help educate the public on the practices and processes utilized by the industry, and also give attendees more education on the equipment used to develop these natural resources.

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