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Canton plays host to Energizing Energy Expo

The entire EID Ohio team attended the inaugural –  OOGA  Oilfield Expo in Canton, Ohio yesterday and met with droves of great business and community leaders to discuss what was happining in Ohio with Shale and its development.  The Canton Civic Center was filled wall to wall with businesses looking to do business and well over 1,500 local folks looking for information about Ohio’s natural resources.

Outside of the Canton Civic Center yesterday it was typical Ohio. It was raining, it was cold and it was just gray.

Inside of the warm and dry building was a different story all together. It was filled with lots of positive energy about Shale and its exploration and development. Just taking one pass through the hall and walking past over 150 vedors you could feel and sense the impact this industry was having on Ohio.

In these 4 videos some of the many vedors share with us some information about their businesses and why they are here in Ohio:

Ohio’s Governor even stopped by to share his thoughts about the Utica Shale play with the crowd and the local media:


State Rep. Hagen stopped by to give us some comments on the expo and what she is doing on the state level to help support development:

We were able to grab David Mustine for a minute to ask him what he thought about the expo:


It was a great day in Canton for the entire industry as folks looking for a job were able to connect with business leaders looking to employ hard working Ohioians. Members of the local community were able to listen to what is at stake with Utica Shale and learn about the regulations that are in place to proect them and their communites. Lastly, our government officials attended the expo to commit to exploring for Ohio natural resources in a responsible manner. All in all it was a great day and while this was the first energy expo in Canton many people can see why everyone will be back here again next year.


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