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Carol Woodmansee Tells DRBC To Get It Done (Again!)

Carol Woodmansee, as you’ll recall, gave us a running account of the DOE hearing in Washington< PA and it was just excellent!  We didn’t have the video of her speaking until recently, however, so we are just getting the opportunity now to post it.  Many of you remember Carol taking on the DRBC at Honesdale back in February and here she is reprising that famous role, when she blew the rooftop off the Honesdale High School:

Carol’s speech captures the anger, disappointment and frustration experienced by Wayne County residents at the failure of the DRBC, after an incredible amount of lead time, to deliver acceptable regulations for natural gas development.  One senses, from the way the DRBC staff reacted to the ill-informed groups bussed into the XTO hearing by the Delaware Riverkeeper, that maybe, just maybe, the agency now realizes it made a horrible mistake by delaying action over and over again, allowing the radicals to gain a foothold.  Just in case, Carol reminds everyone what the cost has been!

The following video provides still more on the nature of the hearing.  Check out Carolyn Price at 13:23:


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