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Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy Misleads New Yorkers

Not only doth Castskill Mountainkeeper protest too much (see earlier post) but now one of its sister organizations, the Catskill Citiens for Safe Energy, has decided to send misleading mailers to their neighbors and friends in New York.   This “informational pamphlet” on hydraulic fracturing was sent to residents of Delaware, Sullivan and Ulster counties.  The pamphlet purports to provide New Yorkers information on hydraulic fracturing so they can “decide if the benefits of shale gas outweigh the risks of extracting it.”

Well, we agree that New Yorkers should have solid information on the process of harvesting clean-burning natural gas from shale deposits — especially considering the extensive benefits it will bring to the Empire State.  So, we are providing you the facts.  Check out our Fact Sheet debunking this pamphlet of propoganda.  It tells you important things, like the fact that some of the claims made in the pamphlet will be specifically outlawed under the regulatory structure proposed in the SEIS.  Pesky facts.

Earlier in the post I mentioned the benefits natural gas production can bring to NY. Don’t take our word for it, though.  A May 2011 study the Manhattan Institute found that shale gas will bring $11.4 billion in economic output to the state and could create over 100,000 jobs while netting nearly $1.4 billion in tax revenue for the state.   The Business Council of New York  also recently released a report showing the potential for 35,000 jobs coming from natural gas production operations in New York.

As you can see the stakes are high, so we want to make sure you have the real facts you need to make an educated decision.


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