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CDPHE to Partner with the City of Broomfield on Air Quality Monitoring

As a handful of anti-fossil fuel activists attempt to use blood tests as evidence of harmful impacts of oil and gas, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is yet again putting on display their ability to engage with communities and respond directly to the concerns posed by residents with active field testing and science-based health information.

Tuesday during a Broomfield City Council meeting, it was revealed that CDPHE and Broomfield are forming a partnership monitor air quality in Broomfield near oil and gas operations. CDPHE is expected to deploy the department’s robust mobile air quality monitoring unit, a tool used frequently by the department throughout the state of Colorado.

The partnership would leverage CDPHE’s expertise in air quality sampling to provide updates on air monitoring activity with the intent of the City of Broomfield to provide this information to the public.

Though some claim that regulators don’t do enough when it comes to monitoring oil and gas activity, CDPHE’s track record shows just the opposite.

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