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Celebrating the Victory, Preparing for What’s Next

A few weeks have passed since the de facto moratorium  in New York’s portion of the Marcellus was lifted. While many have rejoiced and breathed a sigh of relief after putting in more than three years of work to get to this stage, the battle is far from over.  As we know, the release of the SGEIS does not mark the end of the debate: permits are still not being issued, and likely won’t be for several months.

Over the coming months, new chapters will be written as the SGEIS remains in limbo owing to a series of comment periods and public hearings.  The DRBC has yet to make  a decision on water withdrawal permits. And at the local level, dozens of anti-development groups are preparing to launch a full-out assualt on local township and municipal boards, doing whatever they can to stop the creation of Marcellus-related jobs through restrictive (and often illegal) zoning and road use ordinances — resolutions carefully written by high-priced, out-of-town lawyers. Issues with pipelines, storage facilities, and landfills will serve as the occasional plot twist. But in the end, one can only hope that the science prevails and the public makes the right decision in view of all the facts.

But, for now, there’s no harm in taking a step back to enjoy the accomplishment of reversing the tide in New York. Below is a letter from the JLCNY noting this monumental achievement for which it can rightly take much of the credit. More after the jump…

Dear Coalition Leaders, Landowners, Union Leaders, Workers, Business Leaders, and Natural Gas Supporters Everywhere,


(Please circulate this to any and all pro-gas supporters as soon as you receive this.)



The NY legislative session has ended and not even one single anti-gas bill was passed!!


This is a huge victory!!


Bigger than we dared to hope for!!!




Thanks to you and your diligent calling efforts, key senators heard our facts loud and clear. They conveyed your messages supporting Natural Gas to their colleagues. They recognize that support for timely, safe, and responsible development outweighs opposition and is the sensible path for NY to follow now.


While you did all the hard team work, we must also recognize that we could not have done this without the expertise of our consultant. The daily advice and insight was invaluable. This would be a great time to show your support and appreciation by donating to help us pay for the consulting fees. To donate please use the donate box on the left of the website home page or mail a check or money order to…



PO Box 2839

Binghamton NY 13902


If you’re in the mood to celebrate you could also purchase a JLCNY Clambake ticket. For details see the flyer on the JLCNY home page. It will be a great way to kick back and relax with some good company, dining, music, and fun.


Speaking of relaxing, we can all take a few days off now, catch our breath, and prepare for our next steps. Soon we’ll need to focus our attention on the new version of the SGEIS and moving the process in New York forward without further delays.  If you want to get a head start please see the “Tell the Governor No More Delays” article. It is also on the JLCNY home page.


While I often say how much I appreciate your support and cooperation, your role in a huge win like this cannot be overstated. Without your passion and help we would not be advancing towards realizing the benefits that Natural Gas development will bring to all of our communities.


Thank you!



Dan Fitzsimmons, President

Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc.




P.S. If you still have the time and energy, please call the senators one more time and tell them, “Thank you for supporting natural gas development.”


Albany Offices:

Sen. Libous:  518-455-2677

Sen. Grisanti: 518-455-3240

Sen. Gallivan: 518-455-3471

Sen. DeFrancisco: 518-455-3511

Sen. Bonacic: 518-455-3181

Sen. Saland: 518-455-2411

Sen. Golden: 518-455-2730

Sen. Seward: 518-455-3131

Sen. Nozzolio: 518-455-2366

Sen. McDonald: 518-455-2381


District Offices:

Sen. Libous: 607-773-8771

Sen. Grisanti: 716-854-8705

Sen. Gallivan: 716-656-8544

Sen. DeFrancisco: 315-428-7632

Sen. Bonacic: 845-344-3311

Sen. Saland: 845-463-0840

Sen. Golden: 718-238-6044

Sen. Seward: 607-432-5524

Sen. Nozzolio: 315-568-9816

Sen. McDonald: 518-274-4616


Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos: 518-455-3171 and 516-766-8383

Senator James Alesi: 518-455-2015 and 585-223-1800

Senator Hugh Farley: 518-455-2181 and 518-843-2188

Senator Kemp Hannon: 518-455-2200 and 516-739-1700

Senator William Larkin: 518-455-2770 and 845-567-1270

Senator Kenneth LaValle: 518-455-3121 and 631-696-6900

Senator Carl Marcellino: 518-455-2390 and 516-922-1811

Senator George Maziarz: 518-455-2024 and 716-731-8740


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