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Chandlersville More Like A Neighborhood Than A Town

The Zanesville Times Recorder’s recent article, “Chandlersville more like a neighborhood than a town” begins by pointing out that down home American values can still be found in the small village.  They quoted Wade Herron saying, “People help people here”.  That couldn’t be more true.

At several points during the year Chandlersville sees an influx of visitors.  The Easter egg hunt, the undergarment tree at Christmas, and motorcycle races are just a few.  Although many of the residents cherish the small town atmosphere and close knit community, they wouldn’t mind shale development bringing economic benefit:

“Nunley agreed that, “People still watch out for people here. Chandlersville is a great little town. If you go to Zanesville, you have to wait in line, but not here.”

The shale drilling might bring busy times back because the area has the first shale well in the county, Nunley said.

Residents agree that the shale industry will make a big impact on the area. The village of about 85 people is not incorporated and has no mayor or council. What it does have are highly motivated folks who work to give the little town a great family atmosphere.” (Chandlersville more like a neighborhood than a town) 7/19/12

After reading the article, EID-Ohio decided to venture down to Chandlersville to see if they truly were excited about shale development.  The problem was, there was no one around in the small strip of houses, farms, and churches.  Before giving up, I went into a church that had two cars in the parking lot to see if they could help me.  Luckily, a woman was more than happy to help.  After all, she is from Chandlersville.

She led me down the road to a house where two men were getting into their pick-up truck and told me to give them a try.  She led me to exactly what I was hoping for.  Darren Sears and Dave Addis had a lot to say about Chandlersville as a prospect for Utica Shale development:

This is kind of a—and I hope I don’t offend or embarrass anyone—but it’s kind of a depressed area.  We’re kind of on the edge of the Appalachia depressed area situation, so I think this is going to be a big deal.  I think we’re looking at some pretty bright days coming—Darren Sears (:52)

The two men shared a side of the small village that the Times Recorder article didn’t cover.  While Chandlersville embraces their small town USA atmosphere, they haven’t missed out on the economic disparity most of the country is facing.  With “virtually no industry” (1:46), the community is eager to see job creation and revenue.   Like other towns in Ohio, families need help, income, and employment to ensure a good life.  It was reassuring to meet people with so much hope in the Utica Shale.  They know from the media’s coverage, that cities and towns across eastern Ohio are being revitalized because of oil and gas development.

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