Chevron Filing Exposes Flaws in Climate Lawsuits as Momentum Shifts Against Calif. Plaintiffs

Ahead of the much-discussed “climate tutorial” in a federal court last week, Chevron quietly filed a memo with the court listing its key points and arguments in favor of dismissing the climate lawsuits, in which the cities of San Francisco and Oakland are targeting it and four other oil and gas companies. Though it was overshadowed by the informational session on climate science, the filing presents some of the most powerful arguments made to-date against the climate lawsuits.

The lawsuits accuse the defendants of creating a “public nuisance,” akin to a neighbor dumping his trash in the city park. But therein lies the problem – it’s the neighbor dumping that trash that is targeted by public nuisance laws, not the companies (i.e. Amazon, IKEA, etc.) that created and sold the discarded product.

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