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Classic Rocks: Experts Sound Off on Shale Development

Recently, the 41st annual meeting of the Eastern Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) – dubbed “Classic Rocks” – was held in Cleveland.  With over 620 experts in attendance, Energy in Depth – Ohio was on hand to capture some of their knowledge (and their food).

The membership of AAPG includes geologists, geophysicists, CEOs, managers, consultants, students, and academicians. The purpose of the organization is to foster scientific research, advance the science of geology, promote technology and inspire high professional conduct.

These experts bring an experienced voice in the conversation on oil and natural gas, and have the background and education to talk about the geology of places like Ohio and understand (scientifically, of course) the processes involved in exploration and development.

In the video below listen to Mr. Clarke explain the hydraulic fracturing process.

Donald Clarke, Consulting Geologist

This is not a new technology, I think the earliest I can remember it being used is about 1947. – Mr. Donald Clarke, Geologist

In the next video list to Mr.  Carney talk about how the oil and gas industry protects water aquifers.

B.J. Carney, Vice President, Geosciences Northeast Natural Energy

 The chances of water contamination are next to zero really with hydraulic fracturing because of the regulations that are already in place from various states agencies and the EPA. – B.J. Carney, Geosciences Northeast Natural Energy

In this last video Mr. Wicks explains how hydraulic fracturing is safe regulated process.

John L. Wicks, Presidents, JL Wicks Exploration

Fracturing is an old technology, we have been using it for at least 60 years in the oil business. – John Wicks, JL Wicks Exploration

With highly technical processes (like hydraulic fracturing) involved in the development of oil and natural gas, it is great to have experts on hand to explain these various aspects and practices. Geologist here in Ohio, and all over the country, make for great teachers as they are able to break down a complicated process and explain it in simple, easy to understand terms for the general public. EID-Ohio would like to thank the ESAAPG for their invitation, and shared expertise.

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