Climate Activists Are Attacking BP For Warning the Public About Climate Change

It’s been five years since anti-energy activists created the “____ Knew” campaign attacking energy companies for allegedly conspiring to hide climate change from the public, and in that time they’ve managed to rack up a stunning losing streak in the courts. Their latest stunt attempts to flip the script, alleging that “BP Knew” about climate change in the 1990’s and should now be sued for sharing what they knew with the public.

This new attack on BP comes from an article written by Vatan Hüzeir, the founder and director of Changerism – a self-proclaimed “think and do tank” that “particularly operate[s] in the areas of climate change and the energy transition” based in the Netherlands. The opinion column was published by the Dutch organization Follow the Money, which claims to practice “radically independent investigative journalism,” yet doesn’t note that BP has pledged to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, which undercuts his attack against the company.

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