Co. Govt. Sends Strong Message to Home-State US Reps; State, Local Govts. Can Regulate HF More Effectively Than Washington Bureaucrats

As editorials from across the nation continue to oppose duplicative and unnecessary federal regulations of the critical well stimulation technology known as hydraulic fracturing, an uprising in energy-producing communities and states continues to grow. Western Colorado’s energy-rich Mesa County is just the most recent example of this growing wave of opposition to overreaching federal efforts.

As reported by the Grand Junction Sentinel, the DeGette-Casey anti-fracking billdrew the ire of the Mesa County Commission on Monday. The commission unanimously passed a two-page resolution in opposition to further regulation. The resolution also claims if Congress passes the bill, it will drive up energy costs and add to Washington bureaucracy.”

The commissioners noted that the bill’s chief authors in the U.S. House, Reps. Diana DeGette and Jared Polis, both Colorado Democrats, represent districts “that have limited or no energy production.

With facts not on their side, fracking opponents continue to deploy scare tactics and hyperbole. But Mesa Co. Commissioner Craig Meis, who authored the county’s resolution, affirmed this:

I guarantee you I can go into anybody’s household and find more dry chemicals than on any well pad. 99.5 percent of [frac fluid] is basically water and sand.”

The paper reported that Commissioner Meis “then handed out a list of common frac-fluid ingredients that showed many of the same ingredients can be found in dental cleaners, hair-care products, makeup and pool cleaners,” and that “no one spoke against the county resolution or in favor of the federal legislation.”

Rep. Cynthia Lumis (R-WY), a member of the Natural Resources Committee, may have said it best, in describing the efforts by some in Washington to effectively halt environmentally-safe production of clean-burning natural gas.

The Sublette Examiner quoted the freshman congresswoman, saying:

This legislation is a classic example of Washington politicians searching for a problem to address their solution. It is time we put science above emotion on this issue.”

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