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CONSOL Energy Increasing Activity In Noble County

CONSOL Energy is looking to increase activity in Noble County due in part to some strong numbers coming from their wells in the county.  Consol already has one well online in Noble County near Summerfield in Stock Township.  The initial flow rate on their first well, the Noble 1A well, peak rate tested at a rate of 9.0 million mcf a day of natural gas and about 10 barrels per day of condensate.  Today, CONSOL released even more promising initial production results for Noble County.

CONSOL announced today the results from their second well located in Seneca Township which is in the township just north of their first well, the Noble 1A.  The Noble 16A was completed in 16 stages and was put into a resting stage.  During initial flow back the well tested at an initial peak rate 12.0 million mcf a day while also producing 768 barrels condensate per day.  These are very solid numbers for CONSOL and Noble County.

Following the initial testing of the well, CONSOL put the well back into its resting phase to allow for additional dissipation of the hydraulic fracture treatment as well as wait for infrastructure to be built in the area to carry the liquids rich gas to a processing facility.

Also from CONSOL’s operational update, the company is now elevating their Utica Shale/Point Pleasant program in Noble County from the exploration stage to development stage. With moving into the development stage, CONSOL is planning to develop 11 wells in Noble County in 2013.

On the heels of that announcement, Ohio Department of Natural Resources updated their Utica Shale/Point Pleasant permit site which showed the issuance of 3 new CONSOL permits for Noble County.  All three of these new permits will be located in Enoch Township which is where CONSOL is currently developing a well.

With these strong results and increased permits, Noble County is quickly becoming a county to watch for Utica/Point Pleasant development over the next year.  Companies like Antero Resources, Anadarko, Rex Energy and Enervest are all also permitting and developing wells in the County, while MarkWest will be building their second processing plant near Summerfield in the eastern portion of the county.



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