Contradictions Mount as Lawyer for Colorado Climate Lawsuits Struggles to Defend His Role

When David Bookbinder signed up to help Colorado municipalities sue the energy industry for the impacts of global warming, he claimed his purpose was not about climate change. But when he recently attempted to defend his role with those climate lawsuits, the Niskanen Center attorney not only contradicted himself, but may have undermined the broader climate litigation campaign.

Bookbinder – who was previously a climate-focused attorney with the Sierra Club – took an unconventional approach in his latest defense of climate litigation: he penned a guest commentary for the Federalist Society, an organization that has provided a forum for many who express skepticism about the validity of these cases. But Bookbinder’s latest comments may have done more harm than good, as they exposed a number of contradictions about his role and the environmental community’s litigation strategy.

Compare Bookbinder’s key claims against the facts over at EID Climate.

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