Appalachian Basin

Countdown to DECision Day

As Dec. 31 comment deadline approaches, NY’ers decide whether to leverage homegrown energy into jobs, revenue, security

WASHINGTON – In just two days, New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will formally close the comment period on the draft framework it released in September governing the safe exploration of natural gas from the Marcellus. The 804-page document carves out an aggressive regulatory path for overseeing the development of shale gas in the Empire State, which studies suggest could create hundreds of thousands of jobs for New York, and billions in annual revenue.

With two days remaining in the comment period, Energy In Depth’s New York petition page has already generated several hundred individual comments; our goal is to generate several hundred more before time runs out. Click HERE to access the page, or HERE to submit your comments through our friends at IOGA NY. The stakes, as laid out below, are enormous.



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