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Cuomo Flies In, Natural Gas Message Goes Out

Governor Andrew Cuomo flew into Binghamton last week.  Natural gas supporters gathered to tell him upstate New Yorker’s want natural gas development in New York State and want it now!

Governor Andrew Cuomo journeyed to Binghamton last week to discuss economic development, something the Southern Tier could use and that natural gas development would bring.  Knowing what resource extraction could do for the area, supporters stood outside on a cold and windy day to show the Governor they want natural gas exploration now. Natural gas opponents also gathered at the airport with their usual messages of doom and gloom and just saying “no.”

Closed For Business

NY Closed For Business?

As the holiday season approaches, what’s old is new again as Upstate New Yorkers continue to feel the effects of a dwindling economy. As a result, natural gas supporters who were able to take a day off from work gathered to send a message to the governor that upstate residents need the SGEIS process to conclude to encourage natural gas development in the region. While the group eventually found the governor he didn’t have time to stop and talk due to his tight schedule.  That said, the group got rewarded with a wave and  an acknowledgement their signs had been seen.

Because the group took the day off to show the governor their support and didn’t get to  talk to him, I asked some participants to send their message to the Governor via the videos below.

This woman’s message was short but sweet:

A man from Whitney Point talked briefly about the tax benefits of natural gas as well, something New York State desperately needs. Please listen closely, as you can hear cars passing and beeping in support.

A man from Vestal also sent a “Pass Gas” message to the governor.

Bob Polancic from the Vestal Gas Coalition, who’s always articulate on the subject, pushed Cuomo to use science and facts in the decision making process, rather than emotion.

Our friend Inge Grafe-Kieklak notes the governor already has more than enough science to see natural gas can be developed safely and efficiently.

Vic Furman, who has posted on this blog from time to time, also sent a message. He, too, argued Upstate New York can afford no more delays. He said we have a large group of people in support of natural gas development and passing natural gas would save upstate New York from the economic downfall many are facing.

The group included about forty to fifty people, but there are many more supporters across the state. This was easily noticed in recent elections where many candidates attacking HF were easily defeated by wide margins. While this is certainly an exhausting fight for supporters, those who came out demonstrated their commitment to bring natural gas development to the Southern Tier.  They know this is about economic opportunity, energy independence, cleaner air, lower electricity and heating costs and the future of the region.  May they never rest in their quest.


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