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Dear Governor Cuomo, Delaying Natural Gas is Not Okay!

One landowner, Kimberly More, is fed up with waiting for Governor Cuomo to make a decision on natural gas development in New York.  She recently wrote to him to explain her sentiments, shared with countless others across Upstate, about the ongoing situation and delays.

We have been on a roller coaster ride over the last five years as we wait for our Department of Environmental Conservation and Governor Cuomo to make a decision on when and how natural gas development will take place in New York.  It has been one promise of an end in sight, followed by one delay tactic after another and we, the landowners, of this state are tired of waiting.  It is time to let the governor, the media and everyone else in the state know we want this, and we are prepared for it to happen now.

Dear Governor Cuomo –

It has been an extensive 5 year process to try and get the NY economy back on track with natural gas development.  The landowners have been more than patient with the overwhelming misinformation from the anti groups that want to “use” the energy, but don’t want to be responsible for their own production of it.  The NIMBY hypocrisy has over run Albany.

Why do the legistators all feel that it is fine to get in their vehicles and drive to work in their “hydrofracked petroleum powered” cars, to heat their homes and businesses, drink from their waterbottles that are ALL produced from petroleum products.

Production of almost all petroleum is done by hydraulic fracturing – conventional wells are hydraulically fractured – they just cause bigger impacts because they take up more surface space!!  When a verticle well is developed, the same processes are used, EXCEPT, that when they are in the formation that they are developing, the drill bit turns horizonal and the SAME process continues through the formation!!  No more water, sand or  other ingredients are used to drill horizontally than vertically relative to the amount of gas developed.  MOST New Yorkers do NOT understand this fact.

The health of New Yorkers has been protected WITHOUT ANY INCIDENTS, using the current DEC, DOH, API and OSHA standards.  I implore you to equate this attempt by the anti-everything groups to the movement that wanted people to divulge their HIV status in the 1980s and 1990s.  Fear and misinformation was again their means to an end.  And then as should be now, it was determined that when ALL of the strictest regulations and procedures are followed for everyone, that EVERYONE is UNIVERSALLY PROTECTED!!

The DEC has already compiled the strictest regulations and with the already existing API, DOH and OSHA standards, repeating this paper process, is redundant, inefficient and killing NY in the process.  PLEASE, put an end to this torture and move natural gas and business development forward in NY.  Do not let this go past the November deadline, causing more comment periods, and delaying development indefinitely!! Health standards are ALREADY in place, please make this your statement and legacy.  With every passing day, your favorability with the landowners of NY is diminishing.

Thank you and God Bless!

Kimberly More
Landowner and Land Coalition Member

Please contact the Governor’s office (518)474-8390 and the DEC (518)402-2794 and Senator Seward (607)432-5524 and let them know that further delay is NOT OK!!

Please plan on attending the LAST RALLY to make natural gas development a reality for New York on October 15th.


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