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Defeat for New York AG Is Bad News for Boulder Climate Lawsuit

On Tuesday, New York Supreme Court Justice Barry Ostrager dealt a devastating blow to the “Exxon Knew” campaign that spells bad news for the activists pursuing climate litigation in Colorado.

The New York attorney general’s (NYAG) office attempted to take on ExxonMobil with multiple legal theories starting with the bogus “Exxon Knew” narrative. But the NYAG could only come up with questions about accounting practices and ultimately dropped two of the charges at the 11th hour in their failed case. Justice Ostrager was clearly not impressed:

“At the conclusion of the presentation of the evidence, but before the completion of summations, the Office of the Attorney General withdrew its claims of equitable fraud and common law fraud contained in the third and fourth causes of action in its hyperbolic Complaint.” (emphasis added).

What was initially billed as the “climate trial of the century” turned out to be a total dud, but now activists in Colorado are barreling down a similar path against Exxon with charges that the NYAG either abandoned or saw firmly rejected by the court in an effort that will surely cost taxpayers a lot of money.

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