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*UPDATE* Domestic Terrorism Advocated by Anti-Gas Activist

Every once in a while the anti-gas crowd do something that it is just stunning in revealing what far too many of them actually think.  An article appeared in the Middletown Times Herald-Record yesterday summarizing an interview with New York State DEC Commissioner Joe Martens wherein this former head of the Open Space Institute admitted natural gas development “can be done safely.”  It was a very positive article and interesting in its own right, but what was simply astounding was one of the comments.

Here is the comment and it speaks for itself.  This is how a Monticello, NY businessman apparently thinks the shale gas debate is best resolved.  I wonder how many others think like this?

I’ll bet some of you thought we might be exaggerating when we wrote about the trend toward violence in our Softly, But Not Gently post, but you can see words matter and the subtle encouragement or whispers by one actor leads another to take an even more dramatic stand and, of course, it will inevitably lead to something awful unless people who know better don’t start acting reasonably.

UPDATE I: As if to prove my point, we received this comment on Bill’s most recent post.  This commenter, someone who goes by the name of “nodrillinghere” and who is afraid to leave their name, says “You’ll know who I am when you’re meant to know who I am .. and don’t worry, you WILL know who I am when it’s your time.”  Can you believe these people?  Unfortunately, I can.


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