Earth Day 2022: Natural Gas Leading the Way in Reducing U.S. Power Sector CO2 Emissions

Natural gas has played the leading role in reducing U.S. power sector emissions in the past 15 years – a feat worthy of celebration on Earth Day 2022.

While the Energy Information Administration attributes lowered CO2 emissions to falling short-term energy demand due to the pandemic, there is a clear long-term trend of natural gas as the key fuel in lowering emissions in the power generation sector.

The EIA’s latest U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions report details the change in CO2 emissions over previous years.

Previous versions of EIA’s report described the power sector emissions reductions attributable to the switch from coal to natural gas and other non-carbon generation. While that data was not included in this year’s report, Energy In Depth was able to obtain it from EIA.

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