Earth Day Video: U.S. Air Emissions Plummet, Thanks to Shale Gas

This Earth Day, Americans can celebrate having cleaner air and a strengthened renewable energy sector, thanks in large part to natural gas made possible by hydraulic fracturing.

As EID’s video shows, New York City has the cleanest air in decades, while millions of tons of pollution have been removed from Pennsylvania’s air because of their increased use of natural gas.

Meanwhile, natural gas is helping renewable technologies thrive.  As the International Energy Agency (IEA) states,

“Natural gas has an important role to play in complementing low-carbon energy solutions by providing the flexibility needed to support a growing renewables component in power generation.”

Dr. Richard Muller, professor of physics at University of California at Berkeley, put it best when he explained,

“Environmentalists who oppose the development of shale gas and fracking are making a tragic mistake.”

Watch EID’s Earth Day Video — “U.S. Air Emissions Plummet, Thanks to Shale Gas” – to learn more.

Happy Earth Day from Energy In Depth!

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