EID at National Press Club: Effective, state-based regulation of hydraulic fracturing “A remarkable success story”

Washington, DC – Last week, Energy In Depth (EID) executive director Lee Fuller addressed the U.S. Energy Association’s (USEA) Supply Forum at the National Press Club in Washington. Key experts from Mr. Fuller’s statement are below, and his full remarks are available online on EID’s YouTube page, which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

  • The states, over a long period of time, have created programs that protect ground water, and protect well bores by putting a barrier in and preventing movement in and out of that well bore. That same technology then, hydraulic fracturing fluids that are used the water, sand and small amounts of chemicals that are there are also protected from groundwater.
  • There aren’t instances of problems with hydraulic fracturing creating problems in groundwater. They haven’t occurred, it’s true in Pennsylvania, and it’s true across the country. It’s a remarkable success story for the regulation of this technology. It’s not done by the federal government; it’s done by the states.
  • So, if you can’t make the argument that hydraulic fracturing risk isn’t managed properly – because it is – then you have to look at something else. And that focus has been to move toward the question of chemicals; the chemicals that are used in the process. People don’t understand chemicals. People in local communities don’t understand chemicals. So if you can create an anxiety in that community over chemicals, you can suppress the development of the resource.”
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