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EID-Ohio Jobs Microsite: What they are saying

This week, Energy in Depth – Ohio launched the Ohio Energy Jobs Microsite. The first of its kind, the site is designed to provide a link between the growing oil and natural gas industry, Ohio’s communities, and it’s job-seekers.

As the development of our state’s natural resources in the Utica Shale continues to expand, so too will the opportunities for Ohio’s workforce, and in turn, so will the website.

In the past year we’ve seen incredible investments coming into our state, and over 8,000 reported jobs created by the industry and the companies who support it. With last year’s OOGEEP Economic Impact Study projecting the oil and gas industry’s creation & support of over 204,000 jobs through 2015 with the development of the Utica Shale, the best has yet to come for Ohio’s workforce. However, opportunities are here – and now.

If you have not had an opportunity, please take a moment to explore by clicking here.

As we look to ensure Ohioans are in the best position to take advantage of the opportunities development of the Utica Shale is (and will be) bringing, we will continue to update and expand the site.

It’s been an exciting week here at EID, and we are proud to have launched a site that has been well received by leaders and members of the business community across the state.

Here’s a look at what people are saying:

“Shale energy has the potential to create thousands of jobs for Ohioans. To capitalize on that opportunity, we must ensure that our businesses have the tools to succeed and our citizens are prepared for the jobs they create.The Ohio Shale Coalition salutes Energy in Depth for creating a comprehensive center on its Web site for Ohioan’s seeking career training and employment opportunities related to shale energy. This is another example of how Ohio is doing it right!” – Linda Woggon, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Shale Coalition

“There is no doubt in my mind that increased natural gas development will bring jobs and economic growth to our state. Increasing natural gas development is part of a true ‘all of the above’ approach to energy development that will lower energy prices, take America one step closer to energy independence, and create much needed jobs in Ohio. It is important to make sure these Ohio jobs are filled by Ohioans. When we can fully take advantage of our energy resources without the government standing in the way, we will see a resurgence of American exceptionalism.”  – Congressman Bill Johnson (OH-16)

“Thanks to the development of the Utica Shale, there will be many job opportunities in Ohio for years to come. While some of thosejobs will come directly from oil & gas companies, many additional positions can be expected within industries that are indirectly benefitting from oil & gas production in the Buckeye State. At Chesapeake, we support any program that links those who are seeking jobs to the employment opportunities and job training that exist. EID Ohio is a group that is well connected in the state and well suited to provide useful information to anyone seeking to know more about the benefits and opportunities resulting from oil & gas production here.” – Mark Matusick, Manager of Corporate Development, Chesapeake Energy

“Almost every week in the county administration building I meet a new person working in Portage County because of the energy industry. These folks are researching property records.  Local businesses have seen their business increase as the result of bringing supplies to the industry. We now have more people eating at our restaurants and shopping in our towns. Talk is cheap. But thesejobs are real and the energy industry is the greatest thing to happen in Ohio in years.” –  Portage County Commissioner Tommie Jo Marsilio

“Jefferson County continues to enjoy the shale experience, and while we’ve already seen it’s benefits to our local workforce, we know this is just the beginning. This Jobs Portal will go a long way in helping our residents find all of the tools necessary to securejobs in the growing shale industry, and will help us to continue on a path of long-term economic recovery.” –  Ed Looman, Director, Progress Alliance

“The Greater Akron Chamber supports the creation of a one stop resource for citizens to explore employment opportunities within this rapidly growing sector.  Metro Akron has the skill set and strong work ethic within its existing workforce to match these opportunities with qualified candidates to further encourage sustainable investment opportunities within the oil and gas industry.” – Richard Rebadow, Executive Vice President, Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce

“The Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber is excited about the launch of Energy in Depth’s new section on its website that provides links to jobs, careers, education and training for Ohio’s growing oil and gas industry. This easily accessible site will be of great benefit to Ohioans and others who are interested in, and preparing themselves for the many jobs that are being created in the oil and gas industry.” – Tony Paglia, Vice President, Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber

“We’ve already seen what sort of impact this shale development will have in investments and job opportunities for our communities with the arrival of Halliburton and the expansion of Producer Services. This site will help our residents find more opportunities to secure good, well-paying jobs in the years to come.” – Tom Poorman, President, Zanesville-Muskingum Chamber of Commerce

“I think it’s great that we now have a jobs and education clearinghouse to help local residents find the training and opportunities in the oil and gas industry here in Ohio. As exploration and activity continues to ramp up in Guernsey County, it’s imperative our workforce has the tools to locate these opportunities and take full advantage of them.” – Jo Sexton, President , Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

“Responsible shale drilling for gas and oil can provide a significant boost for Ohio’s economy and good job opportunities for many Ohioans.  This new website should be a valuable tool to help people in Richland County, and across north central Ohio and our entire state, to learn about these opportunities and how they can prepare themselves for them.” – Kevin Nestor, President, Mansfield-Richland Chamber of Commerce

“Oil and gas development could bring tens of thousands of long-term, good-paying jobs to the state, including many jobs with Ohio-based producers. Oil and gas companies want to invest in Ohio, its work force and its communities. EID Ohio is making it easy for those who are looking for employment or education in oil and gas development by creating a site where all of the related resources and information are located in one place. It is essential that we have a well-trained workforce that understands the needs of working in this technology and safety driven field.  Equally essential is that we give Ohioans access to know how and where to apply for these good-paying jobs.  The new EID Ohio jobs portal provides these necessary tools.” – Terry Flemming, Executive Director, Ohio Petroleum Council

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