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Energy from Shale Highlights Carrollton, Return of Ohio Steel

Last week, Energy from Shale released two videos highlighting the incredible benefits Ohioans are witnessing thanks to the development of the Utica Shale.

In 30 seconds, Energy from Shale states a fact many folks in Lorain and across the Mahoning Valley thought they’d never hear: Steel is back in Ohio.

And it’s back in a big way. In Lorain, the backdrop of the Energy from Shale spot, U.S. Steel has expanded it’s operations to the tune of $100 million in investment. Right down the road, Republic Steel recently announced an investment of $85.2 million in their steel plant – one that will provide good, well paying jobs for 450 Ohioans.

The company has not produced it’s own steel since 2008. That of course, has changed – and it’s all thanks to the energy industry and its development of the Utica Shale here at home.

In Youngstown, a city once defined by steel, recent announcements from V&M Star and Vallourec have residents in enjoying a renaissance of industry, and a return to prosperity for the hundreds of folks employed by these companies. Energy in Depth – Ohio has extensive coverage of the return of steel and manufacturing, which can be found here.

Energy from Shale: Lorain, Ohio

Heading southeast, the next piece showcases one of Ohio’s gems: the city of Carrollton in Carroll County.

Carrollton is a close-knit community, typical of your Ohio small towns across the Heartland. But there is one clear advantage for the Carrollton workforce – the uptick in Utica Shale exploration and development.It’s having incredible impact across the county. From car dealerships to diners, from hotels to farm suppliers, this development is lifting a community long separated from prosperity.

And it’s bringing jobs too. Lot’s of them. In November of 2010, the county unemployment rate sat stagnant at 11.2%. One year later, with expanding development, it has dropped to 8.5%. These are jobs – careers – that would not have been possible without the gifts we have beneath our feet and the safe development of these natural resources.

Utica Shale: Supporting Ohio’s Communities

With the continued development of Ohio’s natural resources in the Utica Shale, communities and industry across the state will continue to see the incredible potential we are blessed to have. Be sure to stay tuned to Energy in Depth – Ohio for more.


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