Energy-Starved California Files Climate Lawsuit Against U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Companies: Here’s What to Know

Four years after the climate lawsuit pushed by the New York Attorney General’s office was dealt a comprehensive defeat, California is putting forward its own case based on the same debunked theory that completely fell apart for Eric Schneiderman all those years ago – ironically, on New York’s turf and apparently ignorant that the Empire State’s loss even happened.

California’s lawsuit, filed by Attorney General Rob Bonta, follows a pump fake by former AG Kamala Harris and a decade-long pressure campaign from wealthy donors, academics, and fringe activist groups to file litigation. Ironically, the lawsuit filing comes against a backdrop of Californians paying some of the highest prices in the country for gasoline and electricity.

Now, with California joining the flailing nationally-coordinated climate litigation campaign, and Gov. Gavin Newsom set to discuss the case during the opening ceremony of NYC Climate Week, Energy In Depth breaks down what you need to know.

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