Exhibit A: Energy In Depth Takes Pro-Jobs, Pro-Energy Message to Legislators’ Conference in PA

Coalition Exhibition Seeks to Educate Key State Legislators, Staff on Safety, Imperative of Hydraulic Fracturing

PHILADELPHIA – As the American people continue to read more about, hear referenced, and see firsthand the critical role that hydraulic fracturing plays in delivering our nation a clean, secure energy future, the Energy In Depth coalition is taking that message on the road – hosting an educational exhibition this week at the 2009 National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) legislative summit in Philadelphia.

“As more and more communities across the country look to leverage their energy resources into thousands of area jobs and billions in local and state revenue, reasonable people are bound to ask reasonable questions about whether the process in place for producing that energy is safe, efficient and properly regulated,” said Lee Fuller, policy director for the coalition of mostly small and independent producers of American energy.

Added Fuller: “It’s precisely these questions the Energy In Depth coalition was formed to answer – wherever, whenever and from whomever they’re asked. And that’s the reason we’re in Philadelphia this week: to encourage and help inform a dialogue that’s based on facts, not fear; on-the-ground evidence, not off-the-wall hyperbole.”

From Tuesday through Thursday, Energy In Depth will host an educational exhibition in the Philadelphia Convention Center aimed at giving state legislators and staff an opportunity to see firsthand how advances in hydraulic fracturing and other innovative technologies are helping to fuel their community, fund their state, and confront our nation’s dangerous and growing dependence on foreign energy.

This opportunity to speak directly to lawmakers and key officials comes as a wave of support continues to build in state capitals and county courthouses across the nation in opposition to federal, one-size-fits-all legislation that could strip states of their rights to regulate hydraulic fracturing, and ultimately slow energy production. In fact, just this week, the United States Energy Council – a coalition of state legislators from energy producing states – issued this statement of policy. In its statement to congressional leaders and administration officials, the council writes:

  • The Energy Council urges the United States Congress to maintain state regulatory jurisdiction over oil and gas hydraulic fracturing operations and refrain from extending federal jurisdiction, under the authority of the Safe Drinking Water Act.”

This letter follows action from states, including Alabama, Louisiana, North Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Texas, who understand that hydraulic fracturing is a safe technology and critical tool for economic development and job creation, and have taken action to urge the federal government to not interfere with the current state regulatory framework.

The exhibit will be displayed at location 153 in the far left corner of the convention floor. A detailed map of the venue can be found HERE. Energy experts will be manning the booth during the regular exhibit hall hours, which are:

Tuesday, July 21, 10am – 5pm

Wednesday, July 22, 9am – 4pm

Thursday, July 23, 9am – 3pm

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