Exxon Attorney Calls New York’s Lawsuit a ‘Cruel Joke’ in Defiant Closing Statement

ExxonMobil attorney Ted Wells unleashed a brutal takedown of the New York Attorney General’s case in his closing arguments Thursday, criticizing the State’s inept performance and highlighting their inability to prove any of the allegations leveled against the company. The impassioned defense came just before the NYAG surprised everyone by conceding two of its charges at the last minute in a brazen attempt to deprive ExxonMobil of having its name cleared.

Wells called the lawsuit “a cruel joke” for falsely accusing ExxonMobil’s scientists of “cooking up a massive scheme to mislead investors when in reality they were trying to do the right thing by planning for climate change,” according to Bloomberg. “The prosecutors were the real confused party,” said the Wall Street Journal editorial board, which was quick to call it a “parody of a climate trial,” adding that the State’s decision to drop two charges proved “the lawsuit’s dirty political provenance.”

See what Mr. Wells said at EID Climate.

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