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Failed ‘Statewide Rally and March’ Highlights Growing Desperation of Ohio Anti-Fracking Movement

The Ohio anti-fracking movement’s latest attempt at relevance proved to be another epic failure on Wednesday, as the so-called “Hands Off Public Land Rally and March” in Columbus was a disorganized and sparsely-attended mess. While the social media campaign of the anti-fracking groups who hosted the rally would lead you to believe they had a decent turnout, EID was on site in Columbus and can confirm less than 70 percent of the people who claim they “went” to the rally and March actually attended.

In fact, the group was so disorganized, they did not even obtain permits to have their speakers lined up at the Ohio Statehouse and were instead forced to huddle at a nearby park, as the following photos show.

The Ohio Statehouse: Where the June 14 anti-fracking rally was supposed to be held.


Actual so-called anti-fracking “Statewide Rally” at Bicentennial Park

The entire charade was so underwhelming that, while some media did attend the event, not one news station actually covered it, as there was quite literally nothing to report.

The clear disconnect between the social media hype verses reality was another example of how a very small minority of fringe environmental activists are desperately (and unsuccessfully) trying to stay relevant in Ohio.

As an example, here’s what the activists want you to see on Facebook:

As you can see, the invitation would lead you to believe there was a rally and protest at the Ohio Statehouse which had 136 people who attended. Not so. In reality there were about 40 people who attended the rally, and only one person was actually from eastern or southeastern Ohio (where fracking is actually occurring!).

Among the attendees were a handful of college students, with at least 90 percent of the attendees hailing from Columbus. The group was also led by Samuel Ronan, who unsuccessfully tried to head the Democratic National Committee and ran on a platform that stated that “Democrats ignored the working class for years” and “We haven’t been present in rural America for 30 years. We haven’t given a damn for the common people in 30 years.”

Of course this all incredibly ironic, given that this rally was only attended by one person from “rural America” and by banning fracking and pipeline development, Ohio’s largely rural communities would have been stripped of more than $50 billion in shale investments, thousands of jobs and millions in tax revenues.

It’s been two years since the last unsuccessful Ohio Statehouse anti-fracking failure, and as was clear by the attempt this year, fringe environmental activists continue to become less and less relevant. Contrary to how these groups present their cause on social media, the reality is the only sign of life they want you to believe they have is under the guise of social media. The reality is much different, as their message, cause and overall level of support is clearly on life support.

The protestors’ litter on the streets of Columbus is symbolic of their utter hypocrisy and current state of activists’ failing efforts to ban fracking — their message has fallen flat.

  • Joshua Danehart
    Posted at 1:24 am, June 16, 2017 Reply

    This article is ridiculous and absolutely untrue as an eye witness to the event. Upon learning about what was going on and finding out this organization had just been founded in February, they appeared to have quite a substantial amount of participants. Also, I have researched the event post and read that they PLANNED to march to the nearby park to gather.

    Shame on you for spreading lies, not surpising for the media to make up bullcrap.

    • Energy In Depth
      Posted at 4:15 pm, June 22, 2017 Reply

      Energy In Depth was there at the event. This piece is entirely factual. Actual attendees were in fact approximately 40 people, not 136 as advertised. It’s clearly obvious that the rally was to be at the statehouse, not the park.

  • Lyndi Michael
    Posted at 1:31 am, June 16, 2017 Reply

    Oh how interesting! It appears the red haired gentlemen on a blue shirt who worked for an oil and gas company and pretended to be a peaceful observer of the rally just so happened to be a lying piece of sh*t. Not surprising. The majority of the information in this article you’ve created is absolutely 100% a lie and you’d better watch out because this organization is about to receive some big funding. You’d think you’d have the decency to say at least one nice thing about people who are fighting to defend YOUR quality of life, YOUR water, YOUR state, YOUR future children and grandchildren.
    How can you be so evil?

  • J. Adams
    Posted at 7:45 am, June 16, 2017 Reply

    yes, energy in depth you are so “relevant” …as the propaganda mouth piece of a dying industry. You love to spread lies and attack anything that shows the true nature of fracking. Thanks for sharing your poorly written and inaccurate account of the event. I think it is funny you spend all of your time focusing on us 🙂 silly little oil and gas goobers. There was no litter left behind. There was no faking of numbers on social media, 1000 people on their own accord said they were interested. And who cares where people come from? This is an Ohio wide issue, and Wayne National Forest is a national issue. 4 government leaders in Flint were just charged with manslaughter over the water issues, and their knowing disregard for the people’s health. I wonder how long before gas and oil is held accountable for their attacks on human hearth. This industry’s days are numbered…people are waking up and are seeing you for exactly what you are. Ohio will continue to fight tooth and nail to keep fracking and pipelines from destroying the public lands that we love. We walked from the statehouse to a public park to make that point- permits not needed 🙂 freedom of speech on public land is still an American right.

    • Energy In Depth
      Posted at 4:18 pm, June 22, 2017 Reply

      There was absolutely litter left behind, as is obvious by the photo above. It’s nice to see that you acknowledged our point above with regard to the permit issue as well, thank you.

  • Karen Orlando
    Posted at 10:56 am, June 16, 2017 Reply

    Well considering just how much reporters have covered the antifracking movement and pipeline protests one would think they might actually cover that the event wasn’t heavily attended. If someone showed up in a costume and got arrested in a pipeline construction ditch or locked to something surely they would have covered that as they have before.

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