Five Facts On RMI’s Flawed Natural Gas Leakage Rate Study

Claims that the leakage rate of natural gas wells and infrastructure make the resource worse for the environment than coal are once again circulating – and using the same debunked methodology as previous research by Food and Water Watch board member and Cornell professor Robert Howarth.

In the latest study, RMI is moving the needle on the threshold for natural gas to maintain climate benefits and using cherry-picked studies and uncorroborated aerial methane readings to allege that leakages in the natural gas system make natural gas as bad or worse than coal.

The study is part of RMI’s long-standing attempt to move investment away from the natural gas system and into its preferred energy pathways, even if it results in growing emission rates from an under-resourced system.

Here’s a few important facts to keep in mind when reading this study: Read More on

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